You are a graduate

About this position

We are a fun organization, but we are really serious about becoming the best in our business. In order for you to help us achieve that, we need you to be eager to learn. Together with our team of coaches, and thanks to our learning platform, we’ll make you grow in no time.

At The Master Labs, you will gain your first analysis experience and learn how to use different techniques and methodologies such as BPMN, ER, UML, etc.… Before you know it, you will be a true business insight champion and learn how to successfully develop process models, data models and user stories.

As an analyst, we aspect you of having excellent investigation skills. You can get to the root of problems and come up with a good solution. By the way, as we are genuine innovation seekers, we are very curious to hear all about your creative, new ideas. We strongly believe in the capabilities of our young grads.

You are a gatekeeper both with customers and within your team. You provide the right guidance to the customer, and in addition, you ensure that you perform the right tasks. Communication is key. You make sure that your fellow analysts and project managers are always up to date.

Besides your job as a consultant at The Master Labs, you have the opportunity to be a teacher on a regular base. This means that you provide training to our customers and partners through our own The Master Labs Academy, the most extensive training provider in business and digital transformation. In addition, in collaboration with our e-learning platform, The Master Channel, we also develop online courses. In this way, we share our knowledge with the outside world, so we don't only bring our people but also the broader business community to a higher level.

Our mountain philosophy

We are looking for a graduate, or what we like to call a 'Hiker', someone who has just left university and is ready to gain their first analysis experiences by performing the assigned tasks and learning different techniques and methodologies in business and functional analysis. A hiker explores new terrain, which sometimes requires the necessary endurance. The trail is not always clear, it is occasionally challenging and complicated, but with the right perseverance, a hiker knows how to adapt quickly to his new environment. Do you have what it takes to be a Hiker at The Master Labs?

Here is what we value in you

  • You are a great problem solver

  • and a team player

  • but you are also someone who can work independently...

  • and takes ownership and responsibility for his/her work…

  • with a real passion for business and IT

  • and a skill set to be proud of.

  • You are verbally strong...

  • and you should be fluent in Dutch and English, French is a plus.

These are the roles you might perform

  • Functional Analyst

  • Business Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Process Analyst

  • Trainer

What we offer

You will receive an excellent remuneration package with extra-legal benefits like, for example, a nice company car with a fuel card. Prefer some variation? You can choose a bicycle of your choice via an interesting lease formula. Besides that, we offer you several benefits such as cell phone (and subscription), meal vouchers, health- and group insurance, 32 days of leave,…

You will be working in a friendly, respectful and flexible environment where you will quickly feel at home. With our hybrid work policy, we want to bring together the best of both worlds. We strive for a healthy balance between working from home and our office in the Sleutelstraat in Kontich, the ideal place to meet all your (awesome!) colleagues.

Your growth and knowledge are our number one priority, and we are happy to invest in them. We give you the chance to remain at the cutting edge by improving your knowledge through work, education, and our continuous drive to do better. We continuously invest in personal development by organizing knowledge-sharing sessions and giving you access to different courses, including our own e-learning platform, The Master Channel. At The Master Labs, you will feel that you genuinely contribute and generate value for our clients.

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